Which super power would you want?

Which expression describes you the most?

Whose butt is better?

Which is your favorite sweets?

Which little thing do you love the most?

Which is your sleeping position?

Which Creamiicandy Character are you?
You are marshmelliis!

Marshmelliis are the cutest little marshmallow shaped piggies that are always together. You're lovely, cute and super curious about the world. Often found exploring the most unexpected places, you're sure to make friends where ever you go. Love is very important to you and you will do anything for the ones you love. You develop deep and meaningful relationships with people and therefore people love to come to you for advice.
You are animelliis!

Animelliis are the cutest little animals discovered by Marshmellii. Your personality is very unique and the way you act very much depends on your mood and your situation. You are usually very fun loving and willing to try new things. People are attracted to your bubbly and funny personality!
You are Mr Flippii!

Mr Flippii is a very hard-working penguin... he never stops thinking and is always finding new ways to make the world a better place. You LOVE your gadgets, whether it be your phone, laptop, camera... you must have it around all the time! You are trendy and love to enjoy the little things in life ~ if only you had more time! Sometimes you just need to sit down and relax... and enjoy travelling and seeing more new things in this world.
You are Yummiibear!

Yummiibear the loveable icecream bear has an icecream head that changes flavor! You are fun loving and have a caring personality. Sometimes you get mistaken for being a bit confused! But that's only because you are taking your time to make sure you understanding everything before making a decision. Whilst you can be slightly disorganized, you know where you can find the things you really need and your friends can always rely on you for a helping hand.

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