Which do you prefer?

You are at a party, how do you feel?

Its your birthday, what kind of cake do you make?

Your friend is angry at you, what do you do?

You have 1 million dollars, what do you spend it on?

Your friends describe you as...

You can't live without....

What's your Yummiibear flavour?
You are RAINBOW Yummiibear !

You are RAINBOW Yummiibear! You are cool and very smart. You are often the most popular around your friends (even if you don't realise it!). You can be sociable and in the centre of attention~ you are also very nice to everyone that sometimes you need take more care of yourself!!

You are UNICORN Yummiibear! You are very warm hearted and friendly to the people around you. However, if someone is mean, you will be sure to stand your ground! You like to play games with your friends and exploring the city.
You are Rare PIRATE Yummiibear

You are Rare PIRATE Yummiibear! Sometimes you find yourselves day dreaming instead of being in the moment. Your friends think you are very funny and always bring surprises. You're unique personality makes everyone want to get to know you! You are a protector!
You are Yummiibear grape mermaid!

You are Yummiibear grape mermaid! You love doing sports and you love to think about the interesting things in life. Your favourite hobby is to explore the world. You're creativity makes everyone want to get to know you!
You are BABY Yummiibear!

You are BABY Yummiibear! You are shy, quiet at first when you meet people, but once people get to know you, they are instantly attracted to your personality! Sometimes you like to stay at home and watch a good movie or read an interesting book.

You are REINDEER YUMMIIBEAR! You are bubbly, sweet, and very nice! You always strive to do your best but also love to relax sometimes and explore cafes! Food is your best friend ~ especially sweets, cookies and of course chocolate!

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