Sweets Cafe re produced squishys

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  • Carmen

    I just ordered a package and I am suuuper excited for it to show up and my home!!!!! Awesome website

  • alzgalz4

    I just got on this website and I have sooo many questions already! My first question is how to you get freebies? Do you have to order and the store will send you extra squishies?????? Also I would like to point out that on the menu for the squishies, if you sort it from the price least to greatest, there are about three squishies that don’t have a price next to them- are those the freebies???? Even though, this website seems very awesome and the only thing that is difficult for my budget is the shipping…………. anyway this is an awesome website and i hope I can get a freebie today- my birthday!!!!!!! Suuuuper excited because for opening videos some people say they got a b-day package and I don’t know if the website did it own their own to send it. sorry for so many questions but thank you so much!

  • Sophie

    Hi creamiicandy I Love ur store don’t ever close down

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