Yummiibear Icecream Coloring Competition


Please SCROLL DOWN to see the templates ~ you can print and then scan, or you can save and draw digitally on your computer .
You can also draw your own Yummiibear if you don’t want to use our templates
We might make yours into a real squishy!~ Enter the Gallery by posting your design on your Instagram and tagging #yummiibear @yummiibear

See our gallery at here





21 reviews for Yummiibear Icecream Coloring Competition

  1. iris

    i did not have a review yet but i am drawing my own yummibear and if you make some of our drawings into a yummibear do u get a free jumbo squishy or a discount of your next perches and how do i send the drawing that i made to you i really want to have one of my drawings turned into a yummibear

  2. Maili

    Yay I entered I hope you see my email!

  3. Mariela

    I really want to get this…

  4. natalielopez75 (verified owner)

    Absolutely in love!

  5. Brenna

    This is so cute and so nice to your customers. Thank you creamiicandy for this! I appreciate it <3

  6. Hannah

    Hi, I’m thinking of becoming an upcoming squishy youtuber, and I was wondering if you could send me a review package?

  7. Gillian Tsang

    Lovely idea

  8. Holly

    Hi I have now send an email to you hope you like it

  9. Kylie

    I really want to win

  10. jami

    great idea

  11. Bluepandaboy119

    Hey Yummiibear i already sent you the design! And i hope

  12. Cristina

    I did it and how do I submit it

  13. shabrina

    so awesome your idea..I like this!?

  14. Macy

    Cool, how do I send it though?

  15. Alpaccasoo squishy

    I did a mermaid Yummibear

  16. karina

    When is the drawling? Or are you picking more than 1?

  17. demerica holmes

    i love squishys so much .

  18. wendy

    Hi creamiicandy I entered this contest I was wondering if you saw my email.

  19. Tanya

    So after we make our drawing to we send it to your po box?

  20. sugar sweets(youtube)

    hi, creamiicandy i love this idea for the competition, thx for hosting this and hope you do more of this in the future!:D

  21. Nataiy

    I think this is an awesome idea 🙂

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