Yummiibear & Friends Design Competition


Please SCROLL DOWN to see the templates ~ you can print and then scan, or you can save and draw digitally on your computer.

You can also draw or create your own Yummiibear, Marshmellii or Mr. Flippii if you don’t want to use our templates.

Send us your design to Creamiicandy@gmail.com, use the subject line “Yummiibear and Friend’s Design Competition”. You can also tag us @Yummiibear instagram.

See our gallery at here

Please note that by submitting a design you agree that it is your design, that you are over 18 (or have parents permission) and you are passing full ownership of the design to us so we can use it for making products! . Submitting your design means you agree to the licensing policy here.

We will make your design into a BIG sticker to give you in your next order! Just make sure you leave a note in the notes section when you order. 

If we make your design into a plushie/squishy we will:

  • Give you a $100 aud Creamiicandy coupon code
  • Give you the product created from your design.
  • Give you credit on the packaging and/or our website the first time we produce it.

If we make your design into something else (e.g. stationery item, charm):

  • We will send you the product for free when its complete, and mention you on our social media channels and website! We will also give you a coupon code <3






24 reviews for Yummiibear & Friends Design Competition

  1. 27icampbell (verified owner)

    Someone needs to make a Mr. Flippii with a snow cone on his head! Great product but it would be cool with more characters.

  2. 27icampbell (verified owner)

    Someone needs to make a Mr. Flippii with a snow cone on his head!!! It’s great but it would be cool if there were more characters

  3. 27icampbell (verified owner)

    Should I Email pictures? I REALLY want to do a design collaboration someday! I love this shop to. If you use our designs will they be sold on this website? Love this idea!!!???

  4. iris

    i did not have a review yet but i am drawing my own yummibear and if you make some of our drawings into a yummibear do u get a free jumbo squishy or a discount of your next perches and how do i send the drawing that i made to you i really want to have one of my drawings turned into a yummibear

  5. Maili

    Yay I entered I hope you see my email!

  6. Mariela

    I really want to get this…

  7. natalielopez75 (verified owner)

    Absolutely in love!

  8. Brenna

    This is so cute and so nice to your customers. Thank you creamiicandy for this! I appreciate it <3

  9. Hannah

    Hi, I’m thinking of becoming an upcoming squishy youtuber, and I was wondering if you could send me a review package?

  10. Gillian Tsang

    Lovely idea

  11. Holly

    Hi I have now send an email to you hope you like it

  12. Kylie

    I really want to win

  13. jami

    great idea

  14. Bluepandaboy119

    Hey Yummiibear i already sent you the design! And i hope

  15. Cristina

    I did it and how do I submit it

  16. shabrina

    so awesome your idea..I like this!?

  17. Macy

    Cool, how do I send it though?

  18. Alpaccasoo squishy

    I did a mermaid Yummibear

  19. karina

    When is the drawling? Or are you picking more than 1?

  20. demerica holmes

    i love squishys so much .

  21. wendy

    Hi creamiicandy I entered this contest I was wondering if you saw my email.

  22. Tanya

    So after we make our drawing to we send it to your po box?

  23. sugar sweets(youtube)

    hi, creamiicandy i love this idea for the competition, thx for hosting this and hope you do more of this in the future!:D

  24. Nataiy

    I think this is an awesome idea 🙂

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