What Yummiibear are you?

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  1. Lily

    I am the rare Pirate Yummiibear. It’s so me.

  2. gbauer1775

    I’m a baby yummy bear

  3. Elyssa

    I got the melon yummii bear

  4. Lauren

    i am a Angel yummiibear and the quiz did not get me rong at all that is me ever day all day

  5. Molly

    Yayyy!!! Im yummimermaid!!! This quiz was alot of fun!! I highly recommend that if your thinking about buying from creamiicandy that you should stop thinking and just go ahead and do so!!!!!??

  6. Steffanie Jovita

    I am Yummiibear pineapple

  7. Nadira Alea

    I like Yummiibear country cow, because yummiibear country cow is very cute, And i love COW VERY MUCHH ????

  8. stacy

    I am the unicorn yummiibear didin’t see that coming it is really I rate it 5 stars because it was great and I love quizzes and I love this one because I love all of the yummibears they are so cute I love them but I haven’t got one

  9. Charlize YJ

    I’m a Unicorn Yummibear. I really wish to get one but my parents don’t let me buy it. ???

  10. searly141107

    pineapple yummibear,that is my wishlist

  11. Megan

    I was the unicorn yummiibear and it was seriously 100 percent correct lol

  12. bex :)

    PINAPPLE!! I am always loud and I am sociable!! This quiz is accurate! Do it! Pineapples will rule the world one day. ?

  13. Gia

    I am the watermelon yummibear mermaid squishy.
    So cute and fun too!

  14. Nayla

    yummibear black sakura

  15. Ashlee

    I was the pineapple YummiiBear(pineapples are bae)I have done lots of videos on my YouTube channel of packages from Creamii Candy and I can’t wait to order from here again

  16. Emily

    I was the Pineapple YummiBear { I love pineapples }

  17. Ariela

    I’m angel yummiibear it is exactly me 100% correct

  18. lila

    i got an angel yummibear! i might buy it!!!!

  19. Ophelia

    I am the Angel Yummibear! I am seriously desperate for all of these squishies!!

  20. Squishy15

    Angel yummibear. A super fun game. Make more games like this!!!!

  21. Avery

    I am the watermelon yumiibear

  22. Rebecca

    Such a fun quiz to play!

  23. Soda pop

    I got a pinapple, and i love pinapple because it is very sour i love sour things ?

  24. Lexi

    i was really excited for the quiz but after the last question it didn’t give me the answer :/

  25. raynaong

    I’m a Pineapple Yummiibear!! 😀 This thing was DEAD ACCURATE, and was so fun to play! I like how there was a variety of different yummiibears 🙂 Please make another one! I’ll love to play it. It did take me 2 tries to get my result but I still love it!!

  26. Ella

    I’m an angel yummiibear

  27. Franzi

    Don’t know why. I can choose options but after the last questions there is no result what yummibear I am. :/

  28. KawaiiChiwawa

    I’m pineapple yummiibear

  29. Kim Ngân

    so good

  30. rebekahsargent

    it was good but it did not work for me i did it as it said to and no answer to “What Yummiibear are you?”

  31. jemiah.cortado808

    It’s really cool, but took a while for me to find the results.

  32. brooke aubuchon

    Creamiicandy is a good place that you can get amazing squishes

  33. brooke aubuchon

    I think that creamiicandy is a great place to buy a lot of good squishies.

  34. Syah

    i am a night angel yummibear

  35. Emily

    I don’t know what to put here

  36. Val

    I love squishies

  37. Val

    I love squishies but i wish they were less money

  38. Jacqueline

    It was so much fun

  39. poop head

    i am a poop head

  40. Pennyss


  41. vanessa

    See a lot of squishie’s but the price’s are not the best.

  42. Tinlee roland

    i love this website

  43. Tinlee roland


  44. Vickey carr

    Sooo cool sooo try it so many different yummiibears to get

  45. Julia


  46. Kelsie

    So awesome

  47. Kelsie

    This was so accurate

  48. Maddie

    I really like all of your squishy is and I will order from you guys many more times !!!

  49. Maddie

    This quiz was so fun and very accurate. I was hoping that the results would turn out to be the yummibear angel or the pink and white ice cream sundae and happily I turned out to be a yummibear angel!

  50. shuang


  51. alexa

    this is SO cute i love the idea

  52. abigail maloney

    i think it is really really really cute

  53. Gabi

    Great! I’m a pinsapple

  54. Lekha Choudary

    This quiz was fun to take and super accurate! I got the angel yummibear, which I have in my squishy collection. Which Yummibear will you get?❤️?❤️

  55. Lisa


  56. Clo

    I don’t like this because firstly it did not give me an answer I tried 5 time and nothing soo for me booooooooooo?????☹️???

  57. hannahleggett

    This was really cute and fun!!! I couldn’t do it for a second time which was weird but it was fun to find out that i am the angel yummiibear!

  58. Renee

    They got it right on the head, im a watermelon yummiibear, that is my second favorite yummiibear

  59. Arianna Zampini

    Yummiibear angel

  60. lrefardt

    Unfortunately I don’t have Insta but if I did I would defiantly follow yay

  61. lrefardt

    I was a kiwi yummiibear ! I loved the idea this is a wonderful website and the squishies are very good quality ?

  62. Zara

    I think that it is cool because you get to see what yummiibear you are.

  63. :)

    This is fun! 🙂

  64. Shamiyah Selmon

    It’s really fun to play I like it plz do more little games like this

  65. Hayla sarita

    I like yummibear mermaid galaxy

  66. Jannette

    I love this item it is so cute and fun to

  67. Tatianna

    I am the watermelon yummiibear mermaid I love it you should try it

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