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These squishies feature a hungry, hungry hamster that has a major sweet tooth! He's snacked a little too hard and has gotten stuck in the donut hole! There are 6 different kinds featuring a gray hamster, golden hamster, chocolate icing, strawberry icing, plain donut, and strawberry donut. Collect your favorite, or even collect all 6! These donuts are the perfect size for a satisfying squeeze and will make a cute addition to your squishy collection!

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the sweets life hamster squishy

hamster donut sweets life

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 10 cm

Golden Hamster with Chocolate Icing, Golden Hamster with Strawberry Icing, Golden Hamster with Choc icing and strawberry base, White Hamster with Chocolate Icing, White Hamster with Strawberry Icing


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