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Surprise set of Mini fimo cane deco pieces (10 canes/500+ pieces)


Fimo canes are little baked clay sticks that can be cut up into many many little slices (50-100 or more!), turning into mini fruits, flowers, candy, characters and others! These are perfect for decorating as they are so cute and tiny.

Use nail glue to Stick them onto your nails for a pretty and unique look, or use them to decorate phone covers, squishys and any thing you like.

You will be receiving 10 colorful fimo canes (which means you can cut them into more than 500 little deco pieces) of random designs. Pictures are only SAMPLES of some of the designs you might receive. These are meant to be a complete surprise~

Out of stock


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Our customer decorating her squishy phone case with the canes they bought from us!

Buy the squishy phone case here:

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1 review for Surprise set of Mini fimo cane deco pieces (10 canes/500+ pieces)

  1. mermaid.ariel.i3@hotmail.com (verified owner)

    They’re all very very good quality and easy to cut!
    I got a snowflake one and its so pretty!

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