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Puni Maru has created these must have mochi seals that come in the cutest packaging like real mochis (see below)
The MINI SEALS have patented magnets (jumbos do not have magnets), which allow them to match and stick together! can you guess the pairs?

mochi seals squishy

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all without packagingPuni maru mochi seals squishy mini is magnetic! Jumbo is super squishy!



Puni Maru mochi seal squishies
stick together

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Mochi Seal

Jumbo Cow, Jumbo Panda, Jumbo Peach, Jumbo Pearl, Jumbo Mango, Jumbo Melon, Jumbo Strawberry icecream, Jumbo Chocolate Icecream, Mini Cow, Mini Panda, Mini Peach, Mini Pearl, Mini Mango, Mini Melon, Mini Strawberry icecream, Mini Chocolate Icecream, ALL MINI, ALL JUMBO, I WANT ALL JUMBO AND MINI!

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  1. Betty

    I can’t find any option to add them to my cart or the pricing anywhere. I would really want to get even just 1. Please restock! T.T


    my friend has this squishy and I have been wanting one for a while, I would love if you could restock creamiicandy please!!

  3. kayleigh

    plz plz plz restock them! i really really really want one! :'(

  4. kayleigh

    can u plzzzzzz restock them? ive always wanted one but you sold out plz restock them

  5. lydia

    i bought the strawberry mochi seal exceeded my expectations it smelled like their puni maru strawberry just a little stronger. it was very slow rising, although i did like it it is kinda expensive for the size, but still love will order more for sure!

  6. Brooke

    Hey does anyone know what is the mini mochi seal price is???

  7. A desperate noodle


  8. Maile k.


  9. Maile k.

    Sooooooooo cute!!!!!

  10. Serena

    Can u plz restock the mini cow and panda seals I really want to buy the whole set at the same time cuz my b day ya know knwo

  11. Paige

    This is an amazing, high quality squishy! It smells so so awesome and is really slow rising. The packaging is super cute too ?

  12. Megan (verified owner)

    I would love to buy more!! I bought one and wow it was amazing. It’s super low rising and if you’re thinking of getting one, definitely get!

  13. Holly H

    should i get a mini or a jumbo?

  14. Madeline (verified owner)

    These are amazing. They smell great, and are SUPER slow rising. I got the jumbo peach, the jumbo cow, and the mini mango. They are so soft and I cannot put them down! Highly recommended. 😀

  15. emily d

    hello I’m thinking about trying to kick of review channel i would love to have a squishy be one of the first videos i shoot you must have a lot of requests so i understand if you say no i have heard that you have very nice squishies and would only trust your company to care for and ship the squishies

    thank you love Emily D ❤︎

  16. Ashley

    Hi cc!!! It would be amazing if I could do a squishy package review for you guys! You are one of the only squishy websites I go to and this will be my first review! I have a YouTube channel so I will be sure to post it! Thank you, please respond

  17. Ellah

    Good squishy, this is good squishy but.., there is a strange hole on the side of head with a weird tube inside. This tube makes it hurt when I squish it a certain way. Please contact me if you have had the same problem! Thanks you

  18. celine

    which minis should i get i wanna get 2 minis

  19. Ayleen

    I love the jumbo puni maru seal! It was very cute, it smelled good and it was very slow rising! This shop is great and I really recommend you buy from them!

    Hello my name is Ayleen, I really hope that I could review something for the shop! I have a YouTube channel and I really like doing squishy videos and I really hope I can! Please reply it can be a simple “no” I understand you don’t hand our review packages. It just would be great because it was just my birthday and my parents couldn’t buy me squishies. I used my own money. It would be the best birthday present ever! Thank you for your time

  20. jojoscraftylove (verified owner)

    5 star rating due to the cuteness level of mochi seal design and packaging!! I got the jumbo chocolate ice cream mochi seal and it smells like chocolate! 😀

  21. melanieqhuong (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the Mochi Seal squishies! I bought the Pearl, Panda, Mango and Cow one! I’m planning to purchase the rest of the lot. I’m glad I made this purchase. Would definitely recommend buying this! 5/5!

  22. ava

    this is amazing smells just like ibloom peach I’m saving up for the rest of them

  23. melissalaraclark

    Please restock on your jumbo seal I want the peach and the melon please

  24. melissalaraclark

    Please restock on your jumbo seal I want the peach and the melon

  25. anonymous

    please make this the exclusive squishy we’ll get because of the delay!

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