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Do you like the soft touch of a peach? These sweet scented peaches are so cute and sexy ~ Licensed by Puni Maru – super squishy and sweet scented. These will NOT be restocked once sold out.
Mango, Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate scented. Mini Dress is random color. Each peach comes with a tattoo you can use.
Buy four jumbo peaches and get one mini free! (whilst stock lasts)

A video posted by PUNI MARU (@puni_maru) on

A video posted by PUNI MARU (@puni_maru) on


Puni maru sexy peach series

sexy light pink large and small in package

sexy peach ALL colors

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 10 cm

Jumbo orange, Jumbo Vanilla, Jumbo Chocolate, Jumbo Strawberry, ALL FOUR JUMBO! GET ONE FREE MINI

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  1. Teira-pyon (verified owner)

    No reviews for this yet? I’m surprised~ :0

    CC’s shipping speed was faster than estimated, which is always a wonderful thing, and the squishy itself looks and feels fantastic. I ordered the larger size, and although it’s not as big as, say, an ibloom jumbo peach, it’s still a decent size. The texture feels very nice in your hand, having a slightly dense/heavy feeling but still being very “fluffy” and super soft/squishy. I ordered the pink/”strawberry” one, and it smells exactly like those Japanese gummies, the Kasugai ones! Definitely a plus in my book. Plus the box is adorable. c:

    One caveat is that it came with a couple small defects due to being packaged with the…uh…skirt(?) already on it, but it’s no big deal. I also had a minor hiccup applying the tattoo sticker but that’s more my own doing.

    All in all, I definitely recommend this! A cute, high-quality squishy with a lovely texture and a humorous theme/design, what’s not to love? I’ll definitely be shopping from Creamiicandy again in the near future, maybe even to start a collection of these in particular…

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