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*Scented* Fairy Floss Necklace

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Size: 45cm (18 inch) silver plated ball chain necklace, cotton candy is approx 3.17cm (1 1/4″) tall
Material: Polymer clay, gloss, silver plated findings
Smells like: Strawberry cotton candy
This exquisite necklace is handmade in the US from polymer clay by artist Mei Pak from the brand TinyHands.
A delectably light, sweet and sugary aroma matched with hints of strawberry, it mirrors the soft, feminine fluffiness of your favorite carnival treat – only this one doesn't have to be shared on every first date!
Spun from dreams and lady-like sweetness, this delicate Scented Cotton Candy Necklace is an extremely lightweight and versatile piece for any princess' jewelry collection.

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Jewelry Care

To extend the scent lifespan of your scented Tiny Hands jewelry, keep them in confined locations while they’re not being worn. Also refrain from leaving them out in high temperatures.

The scent lasts about a year and longer depending on well you take care of them.

Tiny Hand’s jewelry are mostly handmade with polymer clay, and then they are coated by a clear glaze that provides protection from harmful UV-light rays and makes it more resistant to scratches.

Based on our testing procedures, our jewelry will not break from falls or if for whatever reason, your jewelry was thrown at a wall.

While Tiny Hand’s jewelry is durable and long-lasting, please keep in mind that each individual charm is very tiny and so you should never exert deliberate force on to your charms.

Tiny Hands jewelry is water resistant but please remove them when you take showers or go swimming.

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Weight 9 g
Dimensions 3.17 cm


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