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Very slow rising ibloom jumbo I love peaches are now reproduced in cute packaging and new flavours!
Please see video below for how adorable they are !
For those who are new to the squishy world, these are everyones favourite rare squishy and are a MUST HAVE~ It is because they are super slow rising and smell absolutely delicious like a real peach that makes it worth the buy!
These are very high quality and they will put a smile on your face 🙂

They are by i-bloom and licensed, comes in original packaging

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ibloom jumbo peach pink gold

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 cm

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  1. Margaret darst

    I love y’alls squishy if its possible can i do a review of some squishes please creamiicandy??

  2. Leslie Monay

    I wish I had one I will I am going to because people say its a must have and that its worth eevery penny

  3. Destiny

    I love this squishy, you guys should buy it. It is worth every penny im NOT KIDDING lol. P.S if you are reading this creamiicandy I will love to do a squishy review package for your store? Tell next time ??

  4. Amy

    wow nice price super cheap i love i-bloom squishies they are amazing!

  5. Pink

    Awesome, so soft.

  6. 3clazcano

    Love it so squishy
    If i buy it can I please have an extra

  7. George

    I love BOTH I’m giving so much reviews because I love squishies badly sry if it’s annoying u

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