Puni Maru SUPER JUMBO Bear Pancake ~ super squishy and scented

Breakfast has never been cuter than these super jumbo triple layered Bear Pancakes!
Super squishy and comes on a yummy looking paper plate, and little Jam Jar!
jumbo bear pancake

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 cm

Butter Bear, Blueberry Bear, Banana Bear, ALL THREE!

20 reviews for Puni Maru SUPER JUMBO Bear Pancake ~ super squishy and scented

  1. Shanoah Shepherd

    Creamiicandy I had the puni maru banana pancake in my cat then I updated it and it was gone can you PLEASE restock them again

  2. Ashlyn

    I was wondering and hopin when and if you could restock in them

  3. Sandy

    How much does the butter bear jumbo pancake cost?? And when will it be in stock.

  4. Natalie

    please restock the blueberry ones. when you do i will definitely buy!!

  5. Daytona

    When will this be back in stock

  6. liviah13

    I really want the blue berry one plz restock

  7. Anonymous

    I love this soooooo much. One of the best squishies I own.

  8. Ellie Nelson

    Super squishy and overall awesome. Bought this awhile ago and I still LOVE it!

  9. Christel Edwards

    How much does the butter bear pancake cost.

  10. Christel Edwards

    How much does the butter jumbo pancake cost?

  11. patlankayla132

    i love the pancakes bc there so squshie

  12. Cindy

    We want the butter bear pancake squishy. When will it be available for purchase?

  13. Xuanxuan Yin

    When will you restock the blueberry ones?

  14. meilan


  15. Elisa

    Hi CreamiiCandy I love you and I love the super jombo bear pan so can you save a banana one because my mom will buy one more month after please ! Save it for Tiffany tang!

  16. asha

    puni maru is awsome so is creamicandy

  17. asha

    i love puni maru

  18. Lfg123

    I love squshies

  19. Shaylee

    These where one of my fav squisehes I love them so mush

  20. Binal

    Puni Maru super jumbo pancake

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