Puni Maru classic icecream squishy is too amazing!
Oh a hot summer day these look so pretty and real!
They come licensed, in cute packaging and a detachable icecream paper holder !

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 13 cm
Classic icecream

All chocolate, strawberry vanilla, Chocolate vanilla, rainbow, love me hearts, vanilla with sprinkle, mint

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  1. Kutii Kawaii

    I have the mint one and it’s really squishy. It does get easily defected though. However, it’s REALLY WORTH IT just don’t squish it to the extreme.
    I really want to buy the other ones too and another mint one because my “friend” ripped it in half please restock ;(

  2. Emily Chong

    Love it so much

  3. Nancy Zlojutro

    I REALLY want to order one maybe THIS WEEK!! They look sooo cool and appearantly they smell SOOOOOOOOOO good as well!!! 😀 you guys should Definitely order from creamiicandy.com (I live in AUS if u were wondering) 😀

  4. Lisa Mel Elizabeth

    Amazing squishie super squishy and the scent is so sweet. Tots worth it and super cute.

  5. Stacy

    this is a question.Does it come with all the squishies like it has in the picture?

  6. wuyunchen88

    This squishy is amazing! I have a rainbow one, and it smells sweet and sour. It’s also super realistic as the description says, and also suuuuper slow rising (y’all know puni maru’s quality) I’m so sorry creamiicandy for not ordering from your website, but in a few weeks (maybe days) I will!

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