RARE ibloom mini peach super squishy ~

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Very slow rising i bloom MINI I love peaches smell so delicious and are super squishy! For those who are new to the squishy world, these are everyones favourite rare squishy and are a MUST HAVE~ These squishys are so cute and are very slow rising, you love this little peach that provides endless fun and a delicious lovely scent ~
They are by i-bloom and licensed, comes in original packaging and are scented like super delicious peach

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ibloom mini squishy peach squishy super cute

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 cm

7 reviews for RARE ibloom mini peach super squishy ~

  1. Layla

    I love this squishy! It is amazingly squishy AND SOOOOO SLOW RISING! It smells soo good like peach

  2. Xpastelpowerx

    Can u send me a review package? My yt channel is randomxxn stuffxx. PLS SEND ME A REVIEW PACKAGE!!!! i dont have many squishies and i would love to have a review package. please i beg u.

  3. Daisy

    are they still in stock so can buy them

  4. Elizabeth

    I love squishes but don’t have any but I think it is really squishy thats what I hear from other people though on youtube.

    Hope your having a nice day

  5. Sophie

    Do you still have to pre order these? It says these should be here late may and its now June. Just wondering. Thanks

  6. Tammy

    I can’t wait until Creamiicandy gets this in stock! Hopefully the jumbo peach will come in stock too

  7. lorilynelagua

    please can i do a review i have a youtube it is called lorilynelagua so please check it out and i love your shop

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