Kawaii stickers deco Starter Pack ~ choose your theme ~ over 500 styles

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Our Deco starter pack is filled with lots of different types of kawaii polco deco stickers. The pictures are only an example of the type of aesthetic for the stickers you may get. You can either ask for a surprise, or leave a note at the checkout for a certain theme. For example:
~ More animals, more confetti, colors, alphabet, ribbons, themes such as e.g. some sea, bakery, flowers etc!~ we have a total of 500 different styles and will continue to add more, we try our best to send little to no repeats if you order multiples and/or order any of our other polco deco sets!
~ the sticker sheets range from around 5-6cm in length and 15-16cm in height.
~ perfect for decorating your journals, kpop top loaders, planners, scrapbooking, and much much more
~ they are all holographic with shimmery effect.

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Starter Pack

Mini ~ 10 sheets, Medium ~ 20 sheets, Large ~ 50 sheets


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