Marshmellii the marshmallow piggy squishies

$10.50 $18.35

Marshmelliis are the cutest little marshmallow piggies that smells and feels like delicious marshmallows and comes adorable packaging.

Girl marshmellii has eyelashes and a bow for a tail!

Scroll down for videos of how squishy these are.

A video posted by Creamiicandy (@creamiicandy) on


A video posted by @creamiicandy on

A video posted by @creamiicandy on

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 5 × 6 cm

Girly Piggie, Boy Piggie, BOTH!

3 reviews for Marshmellii the marshmallow piggy squishies

  1. Seira

    Its small and very cute, its perfect for my bag and I bought two sets, one to keep in packaging because its just too adorable to take them out.

  2. Chooe

    SO CuTE!!!!!!!! Small and squishy and smells amazing .

  3. admin


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