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Cute Panda Buns squishy grab bag! *free mini rainbow panda bun*

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Do you love super squishy, slow-rising, yummy popcorn scented cute panda buns? Then this is the perfect set for you!
An assortment of the cutest panda buns that look so delicious and smell so good ~ Panda buns are one of the most popular squishys, so grab this set for yourself or your friends! You will receive:

* One random JUMBO panda bun (10cm) (valued at $5.00)
* One Medium Panda bun (7cm) (valued at $3.50)
* Two super cute mini panda buns (4cm) (valued at $2.20 each)
and a BONUS random new rainbow mini panda bun! (4cm) (valued at $2.50)

All for just $9.99!

A total of 5 cute panda buns, in an assortment of shapes and designs ~

Out of stock

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Weight 100 g

2 reviews for Cute Panda Buns squishy grab bag! *free mini rainbow panda bun*

  1. Tristan

    good set as far as I am concerned though:)

  2. Tristan

    I was saddened to find out AFTER my purschase the wait could be up to 3 months,. My fingers are crossed that it comes by air mail.
    (btw I used other details for the purchase)

    • creamiicandy

      Hi! we give free tracking now so it should take around 2 weeks. Postage to UK usually takes 2 weeks.

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