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mega Cute stationery SURPRISE Lucky set!

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A colorful and fun SURPRISE set of stationery items in themes of kawaii food, animals, characters and more! A SUPER value pack that will bring smiles to anybody~ This stationery surprise set might even contain rare stationery goodies that you cannot buy individually at our shop !

You will be receiving a total of 9-10 super cute stationery items ranging from:

1. Sticker sacks or sticker sheets
2. Note pads, memo pads, note books
3. Pencil cases, pencil holders, folders
4. Pens, erasers, highlighters and more

A full sample of items you might receive HERE.

Out of stock

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Weight 100 g

4 reviews for mega Cute stationery SURPRISE Lucky set!

  1. eva

    I think this is the best stationery shop ever I love pandas too, they are sooo cute!

  2. Samantha

    I hope I get some really cute items! But I really love panda things! But I don’t really care what I get because I usually cant afford things like this so I hope they are very cute! Sadly ill have to wait and raise money. V-V BTW love your site! >3

  3. Samantha

    I hope I get a panda sticker stack and a hole bunch of cute stuff because I cant really afford everything one by one and im super excited!! ^-^ But I need to raise money to buy most things so I hope u still will have some more cute things! BTW I love your website! >3

  4. sonita.seng@hotmail.com

    I don’t get what you get in this can explain to me

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