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Licensed Yummiibear original squishy


Original Yummiibear squishy – limited stock only.

This is non-reproduced (2016-2017 version) and therefore may have minor imperfections ~ sold as is.

Scroll down to read Yummiibear’s story.

Out of stock


The story

In 2013, the idea of a cute bear with an icecream on its head developed in my mind.

In 2014, the name Yummiibear was born, named after my first puppy (Yummii) who unfortunately passed away in a car accident.

Yummiibear the icecream bear is a huge lover of icecream. Yummiibear use to be an average bear until Yummiibear fell into an icecream mixer! Now Yummiibear has waffles for its ears and stomach.

Yummiibear quickly realised that its icecream can change flavours depending on what it is doing.

Yummiibear’s best friends are Marshmellii the little marshmallow piggy and Mr. Flippii the lost penguin. They love hanging out together!

The squishy product

The first product ever created for Yummiibear is as a squishy. It is made from high quality PU material and tested in the factory to be free of any toxic substances and made only from safe materials.

Yummiibear is very slow rising and smells absolutely delicious- like Strawberries and Cream! It will come in cute packaging and measures about 15cm in Height. Its icecream also features a cute heart shaped chocolate. I would love to produce more designs of Yummiibear in the future, in different icecream flavours!

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 12 cm


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