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Yummiibear is delighted to present you with these awesome squishy starter grab bags! Our best selling product!

Guaranteed to save you money, and make a wonderful gift or surprise for yourself or your friends.


Super starter squishy:
10 Squishies in total- all common. At least two jumbo or medium.
Great for parties or as gifts. Perfect if you are starting your collection.


Deliteful grab bag:
Balance your collection out by getting a mixture of common and Rares! Best value and recommended.

7 squishies in total-
5 common (at least one jumbo)
2 rare/ licensed (at least one puni maru, Ibloom , Creamiicandy, bunnyscafe, Patpatzoo, cutiecreative, Chawa OR Hayaru)

May include : cafe de ñ, yumeno, character licensed squishies, creamiicandy squishies, jdream, licensed squeeze toys and more!

Rare collector :
If you prefer high value great quality squishies only, then this is the squishy grab bag for you!!

Five rares/licensed
At least two of the following: puni maru, Ibloom, cutiecreative, bunnyscafe, Creamiicandy, Patpatzoo, yumeno, Chawa OR Hayaru)

May include: cafe de ñ, character licensed squishies, creamiicandy squishies, jdream, licensed squeeze toys and more!

SUPER Rare collector :
If you prefer high value great quality squishies only, then this is the squishy grab bag for you!!

10 rare/licensed
puni maru, Ibloom, cutiecreative, Chawa, Patpatzoo, bunnyscafe, hello kitty, yumeno,
cafe de ñ, character licensed squishies, creamiicandy squishies, jdream, licensed squeeze toys and more!



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  1. Alina

    I love the package it look amazing can I please have a free package of squishys I have a squishy Chanel

  2. Alina

    Hi can I please have a free package I have a squishy Chanel called Alina Saleemi if you can’t that will be fine.

  3. Amber

    i got the 5 rare pack and yes this is 100% worth it! i got a Jumbo marshmelli pig (which i requested) a puni maru magical dragon. a pastry petiti. a cutie creative tooth. a only sweet cafe cat dango and a cute creamiicandy extra!

  4. Adeline

    Hi this shop looks amazing and i would love to buy something!!! But currently it isn’t in my budget but i totally understand! So i don’t have a youtube channel because i am not aloud to but it would mean everything if you sent me a review package!! Then i could take a video of opening it and then send it to you!!!

  5. Layla (verified owner)

    I’m new into squishy but I’m so looking up for this package I have a YouTube channel and im going to review this package and I’m up for you guys to send me package s to review more this package is going to be my first ever vid and if you can’t send a review package it’s fine but I can probably try to get sponsored from you if not I’m probably going to order from her more

  6. RANAE

    Hi this is an awesome shop it’s it’s its so…. KAWAII !!! May I review your shop I have an Instagram KitKat4988 and I collect squishys plz email me I would love the roasted marshmelli but I don’t have enough money my email love ya ?

  7. Cookie Monster

    Hello creamiicandy!!! I love your squishies and would love to Oder them but the prices aren’t I’n my budget

  8. Lillian

    HI there!!! I adore your shop you have AMAZING stuff! I’m just wondering how I can get the SUPER Rare collected? It won’t show up? I want to get it as a Christmas present for my Sister.. If you don’t have it or whatever it’s totally fine!
    And also I have a YouTube channel so could you maybe send a review package for me to review? If not that’s ok

  9. Jia

    Hey creamiicandy what is your email or just email me If u can

  10. Quinn

    I really want this and I have a YouTube channel we really don’t have that many subscribers and I really want to grow my channel I will review your squishies or I can purchase them I think your squishies and your website is soooo soooo adorable!! I really want to grow my squishy collection so much! I love squishies!! I have been saving up for a long time to buy from you!! I love seeing soo kawaii on YouTube open stuff from you and it’s always such an amazing video!! I love creamiicandy!!!

  11. maddy.cuss (verified owner)

    Creamiicandy you are amazing!

    I ordered the 5 common and 2 rare!
    I got 4 jumbo common ones (jumbo turtle, jumbo funny house bun, jumbo yummibear bun and a jumbo pink panda bun) then I got one mini yummiibear bun!
    Then for the 2 rare ones I got the Nutasha the squirell squishy and the toysboxshop panda with a strawberry
    This is amazing an deal 100% buy this!!!!

  12. Emily


  13. molly

    if I order this which I am going to get both I would like a orange joey squishy bread those look amazing and I would like one if I get this package

  14. Redvelvet Rose

    Creamiicandy also my account is Kawaii Annie and there is a drawing of an bloom peach and other things around it and i have 8 subscribers but i need to do more squishy videos so please subscribe and thank you!

  15. Redvelvet Rose

    Hey Creamiicandy! So i am not begging you on this but i need ideas for videos so i would like to have a review package I’m really sorry if i am annoying you but i would really want a review package and your website is the best squishy website ever!

  16. Sadie bellinger

    Hi i have a YouTube channel and I would love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️To review a package

  17. msjenn42

    This was amazing!!I bought the 5 rare one and it was great! There were no defects in any of them. I recommend this alot!

  18. Kaitlyn

    Hey creamiicandy! Thanks so much for the wonderful package! I have a growing YouTube channel where I review squishies and recognize established websites. Creamiicandy itself is one I highly reccomend. My channel is ALMOST at 300k subscribers and I need your help! I’ve received many packages before from silly squishies, storenvy, squishy Japan, modes4u, bang good, etc. Your package openings attract and interest people browsing on YouTube to come to my channel. It would be GREAT if you sent me a package and help me reach my goal. If you reject this from trust issues or spoof experiences I understand. Thanks again Creamiicandy!

  19. Kaitlyn

    Hey creamiicandy! Thanks for the great package and it’s wonderful condition. I have a YouTube Channel and I would love to review your shop! I’m almost to 300k subscribers, and your packages bring interest to people on YouTube! I would love if you sent me a review package and I will mention your shop and give a HUGE shoutout to! It’s quite alright if you reject this because of trust issues and spoof experiences. I understand. Thanks again!

  20. Riley Krahenbuhl

    Hi, Creamiicandy!!! I am a serious squishy collector and have bought from you two times. Overall, your squishies are the bomb! Very good quality! I would definitely like to review squishies from your website! I totally understand if you do not want to… I just think that your squishies are so cool and go above my expectations! Thanks! -Riley

  21. Alice

    Guys stop pleading for discounts an free review packages! Creamiicandy only sends them to people with actual subscribers and viewers! Plus, why would they give a random person a discount? This is a business.

  22. Ella

    Hello creammicandy I really want to order from your shop and I would love if you would send me a review by the way my you tube is gymnast 6106 and do you have any squishies you recommend for me to order?

  23. The kawaiifurball (verified owner)

    Hi creamiicandy,
    I recently bought from you on my iPad and I’m VERY excited to get my package!! Also, if you’d like me to do a review on one of your awesome squishys/package I would be honored. Thank you?

  24. Eily!

    Hi Creamiicandy! I ave been looking at your shop for a wile and watching reviews on YouTube! You have SOO many great squishies that are very slow rising. On YouTube, I have a channel. I keep on seeing people reviewing your website and was wondering if I could too. Do I have to pay money, or buy the products I want to review; or do you send them out to people. I totally understand if you say no because I know that you probably pay a lot of money on the squishies yo sell, and it ould be rude to ask for them. I was just wondering if I could review your squishies on YouTube and how to.

    Have a great day, Eily xoxo 🙂

  25. Myla

    Can you stock on puni maru pancakes please

  26. Myla

    Hi creamii candy I have a you tube channel and I was really hoping you could send me a review package You know your website I was looking for a puni Maru jumbo pancake but I cannot find one if you give me a review package can you please send me one it doesn’t really matter what kind but I would like the blue berry

  27. Elora (verified owner)

    OMG BEST GRAB BAG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my second time ordering this same product and both times I am amazed on how great of a value it is. Both times I have gotten 80 dollars worth of squishes and none have had crinkled packaging or defects. Both times she had kindly given me an extra and at least one of the items I requested. Somehow she can read minds because both times she gave me some of the squishes that I secretly wanted. I want to thank her so much for offering such and amazing deal, if you guys are wondering, I received a mini bread doll, a cutie creative bun, a pui maru strawberry, a cinnamon roll squishy, and a IBLOOM PEACH!!!!!! I did request the peach but she took my color choice into consideration to. Thank you so much for such a great deal and website, I will be ordering again soon! <3

  28. HIIII

    It was pretty good and I ordered the one with 7 squishes but I did get a repeat, and felt like I could buy this stuff separately cheaper. I still love you guy though!!

  29. Kaliah

    Creamii Candy can you restock on jumbo ibloom peach ?

  30. Kara (verified owner)

    Wonderful squishies!! I loved every item, and the extra was awesome! And what was even better was that they said that if I rated them 5 stars for this item, I’d get an extra on my next purchase!! This is truthful though, not just because of an extra on my next purchase, but because these items were great and I loved them all!

  31. ……

    Please don’t run out of theseee. I’m gonna buy one for my birthday, it’s in June:)

  32. angeliahhernandez0215

    Her creamiicandy,
    My names angeliah and I’m 12 years old. I love squishes and want to review squishes like purplebanna25
    Please contact me
    Thanks for your time

  33. Angeliah Hernandez

    Hey CreamiiCandy,
    My names angeliah? I’m 12 years old and a YouTuber . I love squishes and would like to review your squishes like
    Purplebanna25 does . My channel is XOAngieXO . If you wanna contact me please email me.
    Thanks for your time.

  34. Kay

    What do some of you guys get in the packages?

  35. isabelle luong

    Hi can i review the 5 rare squishies for u i was asking my dad to order from u but he said no please can i review i only have 1 squishy from my friend thx

  36. Maddie and Liv

    Hello creamiicandy my name is Maddie and Liv we both are youtubers and we would love to review your squishes on are YouTube channel and it would be much appreciated if u could let us know if it is a yes or no and just to let u know we friends with CathyDm- From Maddie and Liv

  37. Genevieve bedinger

    Hi my name is Genna and I ordered from here ages ago and I notice you have some really cute stuff I have a you tube channel and I would like to review one

  38. sealstarfish

    I jest lovvvve your stuff it is so cyoot

  39. crazybreebee123

    um i was going to buy the 16 doller one and it went out please restock

  40. Brooke curry

    I have a youtube account and I would like to get a review pakege but if u say no ill be OK I’ll still buy but I would appreciate it

  41. Ivybunny love

    It’s great I love it and I have a youtube account and I would really appreciate it if you want to send me a review pakege I have been trying to stay strong iv been tough dealing with my life and I love the store so I would appreciate it ?

  42. Vicky

    Your shop is amazing my friend buys from you! This is the best shop for squishies! I would review on youtube 😉 Good Luck with your shop! Its 10/10!

  43. Lydia

    Hey creamiicandy, I have a YouTube channel SUPERCAKE i have no videos and absolutely no squishies and I thought I’d you would be so kind to send me a grab bag so I can review on my channel for a first video. That would be so kind of you!!!

  44. Noemi

    i just ordered this and it amazing I have been waiting so long to be able to get rare squishies. Thanks Creamii Candy you are amazing!!!!

  45. Chris (verified owner)

    I got the 7 squishy pkg and i enjoyed it a ton. If you guys ever buy a squishy, i say that you get a grab bag.
    I have a youtube channel called “kimchi 159” and im trying to gain alot of subs and do squishy reviews. I love your store and i hope that you folks over at ‘CreamiiCandy would be dearly and we could chat about a review package. Thank you so much CreamiiCandy. 🙂

  46. Shelby

    Hi CreamiiCandy! I have a YouTube channel called: TheLittleSpeedy! I was wondering if you could send me a package from your store to review! I would love to review a squishy package on my YouTube channel! Thanks for reading this! – Shelby P.s. My email is

  47. Megan (verified owner)

    I got the 5 rare starter pack. I was quite pleased with a the squishies ,but I got two the i wasn’t happy about. Overall I think it’s a great way to shop for squishies.

  48. Michelledallas

    Can I get a grab bag please

  49. Michelledallas

    Hi cream candy I just won’t to no if I can get a squishy package for you

  50. Caitlin

    Hi creamiicandy! Im Caitlin, also a Youtuber, i really love your shop. It is so adorable, but I never have the chance to get some of my dreams squihies, if you want me to send a package, just email me or if you want me to review your shop, i am always Free! Just email me. Thank you.

  51. Mia

    I have a YouTube channel, and I want to do reviews on this site, I would be so great full of that would be a possibility. I am just starting YouTube, so I want to keep people intrested in your products, and your website. If needed, please contact me.

  52. Shea Killeen

    hey creami candy i’ve bought from your store 3 times and i made videos on it so, also if you can you don’t have to
    can u give me a secret birthday package!? That would be great my birthday is on March 21st
    you don’t have to give me a birthday package i’m buying from you again hopefully….

  53. Mimi

    Hi there creamiicandy,
    I absolutely love your shop because you have the best squishes ever!! I have a YouTube channel as well where I review squishes and I would me so happy ☺️ if you sent me a package to review! Good luck on your shop, its really the best website to buy squishes!!

  54. Logan Angeline

    I’m just asking when will the it be restocked? Because my sister’s birthday is coming up and she really want squishys

    Special Thanks!
    Logan Angeline

  55. Hayden

    Hey creamiicandy! I wanted to tell you that I have been dying to review something from your website! I have a YouTube channel called ILoveCatsAndCupcakes. I recently watched CathyDM’s video on reviewing your grab bags. I thought they looked awesome. I would love if you would email if you have anything you would like me to review! Thank you so much!!

  56. Mellisa

    Hi creamii candy! I absolutely love squishies but my mum won’t let me buy from you guys because she thinks people scam but I don’t think so but my birthday passed very recently and my mum got me squishies from eBay, which is ridiculous because it is more likely they would scam us than you guys, but I am very grateful that I got squishies at least, and I love them. I would like some licensed squishies from an official site like you guys and I try to persuade her but she says I have to wait for my next birthday and Christmas but I have to wait a long time. What should I do creamii candy ?

  57. Mellisa

    Hi creamii candy! I absolutely love squishies but my mum won’t let me buy from you guys because she thinks people scam but I don’t think so but my birthday passed very recently and my mum got me squishies from eBay, which is ridiculous because it is more likely they would scam us than you guys, but I am very grateful that I got squishies at least, and I love them. I would like some licensed squishies from an official site like you guys and I try to persuade her but she says I have to wait for my next birthday and Christmas but I have to wait a long time. What should I do ?

  58. poollover101

    Hello my name is Emma i have never bought a squishy before and i thought this would be perfect but it was to pricy and my parents are strugaling with money right now and inwas wondeing if there was any disscounts?If there isnt im tottally fine with that but if there is please email me
    -xoxo Emma

  59. ACat328

    I want to order so bad but I don’t know if these actually have licensed rares so if you order can you say some of the rare or licensed squishies!?

  60. Audrey

    I am looking to buy a squishie grab bag but I had a question does it come with rare Squishies because there was only one option to choose from anyways I also have a YouTube Chanel and one of my videos got 3k views but anyways if you have any Squishies I can review that would be amazing but if you don’t then that’s ok I am probably still going to buy the grab bag

  61. Kendall

    Please refil the delighted grab bag please!

  62. Hailey

    Hi CreamiiCandy,
    i have a youtube acount. i know you probably hear this all the time but i would love to do a review pakage for your store.
    your store is truly wonderful with great prices.

  63. -Kezia

    Hei creamiicandy
    I’m planning to start ona YouTube channel and collecting squishies, but I have nothing to put on it and I can’t afford squishies plus my dad passed away a few months ago and yeah.

    By the way I wanted to buy this but if you want me to do a review package for this I would be honor.


  64. Valery

    I rate you 5 stars ⭐️?⭐️?⭐️ You guys are amazing LOVE your website

  65. Valery

    Hi creamiicandy I have a YouTube channel if you want me to review some of your squishies it would be an honor to do so I love your website thank you

  66. Savanna Banana

    Hi! I really love your site. I have not ordered from your site because I do not have a bunch of money because I am only 10. I have a YouTube account and I would love to do a review package. On my Channel I have not been uploading a lot. But once I get the upgrade I will be posting a lot more videos.

  67. Julia

    Hii Creamiicandy. i am going to be ordering my first squishies soon..and i was wondering where do you send them from? And also.Do you send stuff to europe? 🙂 It would mean everything to me if you could reply :).

  68. Emilie

    Hi creamii candy I love your shop and I rate you 5 stars and I always will
    Love emilie

  69. Emilie

    Hi creamii candy i love your website I’m ordering from you soon I rate you five stars and I always will
    Bye love emilie

  70. Squishy Dm

    Hey!! I love your shop! I’m gonna order very soon! I am very new to YouTube. I was wonder if you would want me to do a review for you! Btw I’m very sorry for asking. I found this website cause of Cathy Dm and this other girl that just started YouTube, thank you! My business email is . Thank you!

  71. donnafontinile

    And i told my mom, “Mom im telling you we need to order, it could take up to 5 weeks,” Her: “We can wait, its not your bday yet…” NOW I REGRET NOT ORDERING 🙁

  72. donnafontinile

    Hi creamiicandy, i had a question about the rare harayo jumbo yellow peach squishiy, WHEN WILL IT BE BACK IN STOCKS?! Sorry for caps, its my dream squishy, And i was planning to order it for my birthday, (i asked my parents)
    Can you pease have them in stocks by sept. 27? Thats my birthday!! And im worried because sillysquishies has the ibloom peach, and they went out of stocks like…. 5 months ago!! Can you please answer me?? I would appreciate! Thanks 😉

  73. Amelia

    if you could send me some squishies it would be wonderful because I don’t have many squishies…

  74. Belkabooxox

    I’m buying from this site it’s an awesome site I love SQUISHYS and I’ll buy a lot of them, thank you creamiicandy, I have a youytube channel, I would love for you to send me some more SQUISHYS, Thanks creamiicandy!?

  75. Amy


  76. Kaylee

    I really want this item but I can’t afford it so Creamiicandy can you please give me a discount

  77. Kaylee

    I so want this but I can’t afford it ???☹️?

  78. Isabella

    Hi! I am buying from this site within the next couple days or weeks and I wanted to tell you that I will be recording this on YouTube and if you wanted to send anything for me to review, that’d be great!

    I can email you on this email and I hope you answer, thanks!

  79. Tacocat

    Your site is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute andi really want some squshies please cause I don’t have any I’m not begging but please send me some because I have a YouTube channel to review stuff??

  80. JazzyHoneyBear

    Hey CreamiiCandy,
    I have a new YouTube so if you want me to any Reviews on anything please contact me! im from Australia and my youtube is: Jazzy HoneyBear

    Love, Jazzy

  81. Duck

    Out of the 10 is there any repeats?

  82. Gregs

    Hi creamiicandy I would like to know if I order two packages would get different squishes ? Because these will be my first ever squishes

  83. Maya

    Do we get both if we are getting both

  84. Christy (verified owner)

    I just received my grab bag I was hoping for bunny packiging like it said and mine did not come in one of those bear or bunny bag the squishies were nice but very small some were defected but some were very squishy and soft I did not get any shown above and I know it did say not limited to the ones in the pictures I was just expected better quility squishies I ordrered because I thought it would come with squishies as good quility as in the video overall this was a nice grab bag but I was expecting bigger squishies

  85. Cupcake

    What is the difference between the two bags which has better squishies

  86. Maya

    What if I get both do I get both bags or like one bag

  87. Angelina

    OMG, I’ve been save up my money , because I’m little, so I can get this and I’m super excited . I’m even giving some to my friend.

  88. Amy

    Hi Creamiicandy! I’m Amy and i have a youtube channel and i was hoping you could send me one or both of your grab bags to review on youtube. It would be a great honour if you did but if you don’t i understand. You obviously don’t want to gibe things for free to people whose parents don’t allow them to have squishies. I only have one squishy thats broken from my friend. If you send me the gran bags i would be sooooo happy! If you do decide to send them please email me for more info. -amy

  89. dustythediva

    Or I can email you

  90. kharte01

    Hey, I currently have a YouTube account that
    Reviews squishy’s and squishy packages, i’ve seen people review the items in your grab bag and wanted to review it myself so, would it be ok if you could send me one or both of your grab bags to review on my channel ?

  91. Paige

    Does this ship to USA?

  92. Holly

    Hello does this ship worldwide ?

  93. faithie.newsome (verified owner)

    I ordered one but it seems to be a good website. I think I’m going to collect squishies. It looks really cute and creative, also a good price on everything. I hope to order more.?????

  94. squishies squiz

    i was so pleased with your package last time i really enjoyed it so much i was also wondering if i can do a review package on my channel if thats ok a simple no is fine i understand if a lot of people are requesting for a review package thats fine but i really love all your squishies and you’re my favorite squishy shop so far

  95. NancyCakes

    I just wanted to say how great this grab bag is I got it a while ago to get me started on Squishy collecting which was recommended by my good friend Lanie K check out her youtube channel it’s GREAT!!! I so recommended this for anyone who is starting their first squishy collection.


  96. PotatoTheNarwhal

    Can you please notify me when these are available? By the way maybe can I do a review for something, sorry for asking!

  97. Fluffy bunny

    I just ordered the starter pack yesterday and I hope it’s great but from this website I can tell it will be great!!!!!

  98. Angelina (verified owner)

    Hi~ I have a youtube account and I saw some amazing reviews on everything! I would love to review a package if not that’s fine

  99. derpycookie 33

    your squishes are awesome i only have one squishy

  100. pinkpineapple24

    I got this grab bag and it’s amazing! All the time and care creamiicandy puts in their packages is amazing!! This definitely saved a lot of money and everything was really cute and squishy!! I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS

  101. Carlie (verified owner)

    If we review does that mean we get a grab bag please say yes because I only have 2 squishes if you want me to review grab bag t
    Let me know

  102. Carlie (verified owner)

    Hi maby you should do more freebies how do you buy the grab bages

  103. Unicorn

    Hi my name is Emily I have a YouTube account and I have seen all the wonderful packages people have gotten to review from you I would love to have a review package to show of to everyone and sheer the candy love it’s just a thought thought I’ll film it bye Emily Xxx

  104. Jasmine J.

    When will these be restocked? And I also have a youtube account so if you could send me some stuff to review I would be very grateful!

  105. Emma

    Heyyyyyyy creamiicandy! I think your shop is so so cute and I have a YouTube account and I might bye from you and review and I’m up for any review packages not begging I just would love that for my channel!

    So I think your shop is amazing with awesome prices!
    -Emma xoxo

  106. Emily

    Hello creamicandy! I was planning to order from this shop ages ago! I took a break from squishies but now this site is like ADORABLE! I have a channel on YouTube and if you want me to review anything that would be great! Thank you so much

    If its a simple ‘no’ then I’ll order from the shop anyway, I have been sick so I hope I get some stuff.. Because y’know. My parents always do this!

    I’m currently using my gmail account but we use my dads account. Good luck with your shop!

    • creamiicandy (verified owner)

      Thank you Emily 🙂 please email us. Hope you feel better soon

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