Ibloom Millie and Billie the whale squishy!

Millie is a cute narwhal and her best friend is Billie the narwhal!
Authentic licensed Ibloom squishy. High quality and super soft!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Additional information

Weight 100 g

surprised Millie, relaxed Millie, normal Millie, Billie blue

17 reviews for Ibloom Millie and Billie the whale squishy!

  1. Rebekah

    Mille is cute

  2. Abby

    Millie and Billie the whale smell sooo good!I recommend getting them! Nice work ibloom! CreamiiCandy doesn’t play around! I also recommend some Puni Maru they are cool to!

  3. Montana

    I got Millie in mini on creamii candy and it was so worth it no matter how expensive it was I LOVE IT!!

  4. Oscar

    Absolutely amazing quality! Smells so good and is super slow rising!

  5. Sarah

    I toatally recommend this squishy! Super slow rising and soft! ?

  6. iLoveSquishies

    LOVE MILLIE SOOO MUCH! She is super slow rising and soft and smells like grape mixed with peach candy. I really recommend her.

  7. Girl

    How do you get billy? Its only says relaxed millie and surprised millie.

  8. Tiela

    Hi when will Billie be back in stock I was just about to buy him and he went out ?

  9. Sarah

    Great but I can’t buy billy for some reason:(

  10. Chelsea

    Very Very Very good and squishy

  11. Annabelle

    I LOVE THEASE SO SO SO MUCH!!! my friend has one and i fell in love. I am so getting one

  12. Sandra

    I absolutely loved my Mille the whale. She is so cute, smells amazing, and came in great condition. Something I can always count on when shopping at creamiicandy

  13. Kurtlan

    Haven’t got it yet so exited

  14. Kurtlan

    Love this one haven’t got it yet

  15. Chieu Anna

    Thus squishie is so cute

  16. Amy

    I bought the blue one, Billy. I love it so much! Im pretty sure that his scent is mint. It smells so good. He is super squishy and extremely slow rising. I love the new I bloom designs and I recommend this squishy to everyone. Amazing quality, well done ibloom.

  17. zoeylovesolivia

    This is a great squishy I love it so much I’m ordering the normal Millie one so cute

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