Ultimate mystery journaling school supplies stationery set


This stationery journaling pack will have at least 33 stationery items but will not be exactly as the photo.

We have many different designs for pencil cases, binders, stationery and more and therefore the mystery pack is perfect if you want a bit of a surprise or have some requests for favorite colors or themes! We will try our best to fulfil it and will message you if we can’t.

♥ It will contain at least 33 items and the styles/designs/mix of items may be different to the photo, but will be cute/kawaii:

♥ Will have at least one pencil case
♥ Will have at least one hard cover journal AND binder journal
♥ Will have at least a mix of pens/pencils/highlighters
♥ Will have at least one pen holder OR extra pencil case
♥ Will have at least one mini journal
♥ Will have at least one whiteboard timetable organiser
♥ Will have at least a mix of sticker sheets/packs and memo pads, washi tapes
♥ Will have a mix of other stationery accessories such as erasers, rulers, bookmarks and more

With this mystery pack you can leave a note for some wishes and I will message you if I cannot fulfil it.

For example, you could ask for more/less of stickers, pens, etc, tell me your favorite colors, your favorite themes, what you will be using the box for (e.g. journaling, office, deco).

You can even ask to swap out things e.g. I’ll rather have an extra pencil case than the white board, or I’ll rather have an extra pen holder than the hard cover journal ! I am very open to customisations and will let you know if I cannot customise it! I can even include a kawaii small plushie keychain instead of a journal, etc.!

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16 reviews for Ultimate mystery journaling school supplies stationery set

  1. nick

    First time I ordered the product, my carrier delivered it to the wrong address. The seller was extremely helpful in helping me through the process of getting a refund and reordering. It was my little sister Christmas gift, she loved it. Everything was of excellent quality.

  2. Viera

    beautiful selection of super cute stationery, so happy with everything I received and would definitely buy again.

  3. m

    Granddaughter loved them to the moon!

  4. lalia

    So cute… I love everything I got!! I asked for Sanrio and I got more than I expected! It was a nice surprise. I’ve been using everything I got on a daily basis for my journaling and it’s definitely made the process more fun 🫶

  5. Bianca R

    My niece loved her Christmas gift! Thank you so much 😊

  6. Carli

    Cutest bunch of things I was shocked at how quick it was delivered definitely worth the money

  7. destiny

    I asked for pink and I definitely received the shop owner even wrapped it in pink the person I bought it for was crying happy tears it was perfect thank you

  8. kai

    Awesome random cute stuff. Helps me not decide which I should get 🙂

  9. matt

    This was perfect and followed all of my personalization requests perfectly! It was so cute and I got so many items! I would 100% recommend it’s perfect❤️

  10. yuna

    really really loved receiving this order! All of the items made me smile! I would recommend this to really anyone!

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