Ultimate mystery journaling school supplies stationery set


This stationery journaling pack will have at least 33 stationery items but will not be exactly as the photo.

We have many different designs for pencil cases, binders, stationery and more and therefore the mystery pack is perfect if you want a bit of a surprise or have some requests for favorite colors or themes! We will try our best to fulfil it and will message you if we can’t.

♥ It will contain at least 33 items and the styles/designs/mix of items may be different to the photo, but will be cute/kawaii:

♥ Will have at least one pencil case
♥ Will have at least one hard cover journal AND binder journal
♥ Will have at least a mix of pens/pencils/highlighters
♥ Will have at least one pen holder OR extra pencil case
♥ Will have at least one mini journal
♥ Will have at least one whiteboard timetable organiser
♥ Will have at least a mix of sticker sheets/packs and memo pads, washi tapes
♥ Will have a mix of other stationery accessories such as erasers, rulers, bookmarks and more

With this mystery pack you can leave a note for some wishes and I will message you if I cannot fulfil it.

For example, you could ask for more/less of stickers, pens, etc, tell me your favorite colors, your favorite themes, what you will be using the box for (e.g. journaling, office, deco).

You can even ask to swap out things e.g. I’ll rather have an extra pencil case than the white board, or I’ll rather have an extra pen holder than the hard cover journal ! I am very open to customisations and will let you know if I cannot customise it! I can even include a kawaii small plushie keychain instead of a journal, etc.!

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15 reviews for Ultimate mystery journaling school supplies stationery set

  1. heremoo

    The shipping took 2 weeks but that’s only because I’m in the U.S. and the seller is in Australia (which I definitely did not pay attention to when I ordered lol). REGARDLESS, it’s all super cute 10/10 cured my depression. I would order from here again even knowing that it’ll take longer than a more local seller just because I’m so happy with everything I got.

  2. Andrea (verified owner)

    I ordered this box for my bestie for her birthday because we both love stationery. I had a few things in mind for what I wanted in the box and I was able to just put it in at check out. Then because I live in Canada I didn’t get the free shipping but emailed and they refunded it right back. So if you want free shipping be sure to pay in AUD. Great customer service and I can’t wait to hear what my friend thinks 🙂

  3. Clover

    🌸I absolutely love everything I got in the box, they listend to all my requests and gave me so much amazing stuff 🌸

  4. Grace

    Perfect. The items are just like on the picture.

  5. nick

    Asked for cute cats and drawing stuff for my sister in law and the seller did a great job following through!

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