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Yummiibear’s Squishy Surprise

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Open up Yummiibear's Squishy Bag! This is a perfect goodies bag full of SQUISHYS!
Colorful and yummy looking buns, rare squishys, squeeze toys and more~ This is a great idea to add on with your order or give as a gift as it gives you ten squishy goodies that save you over 10 DOLLARS

These will contain about 3 medium rare-rare licensed squishys/squeeze toys
and 7 other cute squishys from our store!
A total of 10 cute goodies just for you.

A big saver and perfect gift.

Out of stock

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Weight 250 g

6 reviews for Yummiibear’s Squishy Surprise

  1. Emily123456789,10,

    i love it i love everything here bsl stand for best. squishes for life

  2. Lily G

    If I ordered this, is it possible that I would get double-ups from the rest of my order?

  3. Lily

    it was the best one the I have ever gotten!! it was my first package

  4. squshsh

    I love it

  5. squshsh

    it was AWESOME

  6. Helen

    Hey this cool

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