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Breadou Squishy Lucky Dip (Happy Type)


Chef Breadou has baked up the cutest Breadou set for you!
In this set you will be getting three random breadou squishys from a mixed variety of the following:

Breadou tortoise, Breadou Roti Toast, Breadou Donuts, Breadou Swiss Rolls, and more!

AND~ if you are lucky, 1 out of 3 orders will also receive a random extra squishy~!

If you have a choice of designs, leave a note at checkout but it is not guaranteed.

Out of stock

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Weight 150 g

1 review for Breadou Squishy Lucky Dip (Happy Type)

  1. tran

    omg my parents brought me this package wnd it was sonsquishies. i rate this 5 stars.

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