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We love all our Yummii promoters and we would love you to become a Yummii promoter and you don’t even even need to have many followers or even a social media account to do this.

There are different types of promoters and you can apply for all of them and apply more than once.

  • Promoter of Creamiicandy: You will receive a package of creamiicandy goodies for you to promote. You need to have a public social media account with some followers and your account is related to kawaii/cute things. CLICK HERE to apply. You will receive a unique promoter code to share for 10% off.  You can reapply after 8 weeks.
  • Unique discount code promoter: Email us for your own unique Promoter code that you can share with your friends for 10% off.
  • First time you code is used by 10 people* other than yourself: you will get a $30 aud voucher to use on our website! or we can send you a surprise package of goodies
  • Also, when your code is used ten times (including if its used by yourself), we will give you an extra 10 dollars or 10%** off your next order.

*Each order by a new person needs to be at least $10 aud to qualify.

**whichever amount is lower

6 reviews for Become a Yummii Promoter

  1. Ariel

    I love this! Best shop ever! I can’t wait to apply!

  2. Ariel

    I love this! Best shop ever!

  3. Pranaya


  4. Amber

    yay! i have applied! 🙂

  5. damber_306

    This is an amazing opportunity!

  6. Joyce

    YAY I want to apply

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