There are many ways you can become a creamiicandy promoter and receive freebies every time you successfully promote our website !

You can choose to be any of these promoters for us (you can be more than one)

1. Youtube Promoter
Order a package from our website and create a squishy video of you opening the package.
Before you create your video, ask us for a special “promoter youtube coupon code” via email to and we will give you a special code for you to give your subscribers!
Every time your subscribers use your code, you will receive spending credit equal to 3% of their total order!

So for example, if you create a youtube video and 20 people use your promoter code and spend around a total of $1000, you get $30 (3% of $1000) to spend for FREE on our website! We will send you the coupon code for you to use whenever you like – its that simple!

You can make as many youtube videos as you like of our squishys and all viewers who use your promoter code will add towards your spending credit.

2. Friends Promoter
Order a package from our website and get your friends to buy from our website. When they buy from our website, tell them to quote your name and your order number when they spend over $30 on our website. Every time your name and order number get quoted, we will give your friend two gifts- one for them, and one for you! Your friend must not have ordered from us before.