Ships within around 1 week* SUPER humongous Dumpling RARE BIG BAO STEAM BUN MANJU squishy by Puni Maru *NO COUPONS*

This squishy is a pillow for the huge Marshmellii. Its about 60 cm in width. Yes it is HUGE, yes YOU CAN SIT ON IT, yes you CAN use it as a MASSIVE Pillow.  These are lightly scented with [...]

Ships within around 1 week* Biggest JUMBO squishy in the world~ (No coupons) marshmellii pigs squishy by Creamiicandy Puni Maru FREE SHIPPING

Yes it's finally here. And yes we only have super limited stock. It's the biggest marshmellii in the world, it's literally so big you can hug it [...]

Pink jumbo panda bun squishy

Your favourite jumbo panda bun is now in exclusive , limited light baby pink color! Same squishiness as the plain jumbo panda buns, but twice as a cute in pink! Panda face may have slight [...]