Creamiicandy® はオーストラリア発の国際的スクイーズブランドです。2016年のスタートということで比較的新しいブランドですが、過去3年間で300個以上ものバラエティーに富んだCreamiicandy スクイーズを世界中に販売してきました。Creamiicandy の特徴は何と言っても全デザインが限定盤であり、発売後時間が経つにつれてその価値が上がっていくこと。各デザインは国際販売用としては1000個以下しか生産されないため、もしスクイーズを持っていたらあなたはとてもスペシャルな存在ですね!Creamiicandy のスクイーズは高品質、良い香り付きで未だにデザインの過程はYummiibear®、Marshmellii®、Mr Flippii® , Animelliis®などのキャラクターを含めて全てオーストラリアで行われています。

We create cute squishies and sell a variety of kawaii things directly shipped from Australia worldwide!

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Creamiicandy is an international squishy brand originating from Australia in 2016. There have been over 300 different types of Creamiicandy Squishies released to the world.

Our brand was created before squishies became super popular, resulting in Chinese brands flooding the market. As original manufacturers of squishies, our squishies are different. They feature characters designed in Australia including Yummiibear, Marshmellii, Mr Flippii and Animelliis. They are of premium quality and are slow rising. They are 100% free of toxic substances. They all smell amazing! The factory we use produced for Japanese brands such as Sanrio (Hello Kitty).

All our Squishies are limited edition, and are designed with love and care.  For most of our designs, we produce less than 1000 pieces sold internationally which means if you have a creamiicandy squishy, you are very special !


Yummiibear the icecream bear is a huge lover of icecream. Yummiibear use to be an average bear until Yummiibear fell into an icecream mixer! Now Yummiibear has waffles for ears and stomach. Yummiibear’s icecream will change flavours depending on where Yummiibear is and what Yummiibear is doing!

Cute Yummiibear bear story

Yummiibear cartoon story


Marshmellii are the cutest little marshmallow piggies. They are always together! They often get stuck in small places like in jars and lunchboxes. Yummiibear found marshmelliis one day at a bakery shop, stuck inside a jar of marshmallows! Girl Marshmellii has a little bow for a tail and is the slightest of a lighter color than boy Marshmellii. 

Mr Flippii

Mr Flippii is a penguin who is very hard-working and is always carrying his phone or laptop. Because he is so busy, he often gets lost! Yummiibear found him on a tropical island and had to give him some magical ice-cream to keep him cool!


Marshmellii discovered more tiny animals called animelliis around the world! What other animals will they discover? Follow @animelliis instagram to discover more!