Yummiibear Line Stickers!!

Yummiibear the icecream bear and Marshmellii the marshmallow piggy are the happiest friends. Add some yummy cuteness to any conversation with this sticker set.
Download them here!

16 reviews for Yummiibear Line Stickers!!

  1. Katia

    They are soooo cute and super kawaii ❤️

  2. danny

    theyre not free lol

  3. Callista

    I love creamii candy,cause creamii candy is cute shop and squishy

  4. Anna Akerø Svenslid

    Love squishies!! I live in Norway and could WISH i GOT I GOT this cute stickers! Love your mascot! IT is so cute. Could WISH you HAF sole more of theese squishies! If you had them, I woud apsolutely buy one!? From Anna

  5. Mia hamdan

    These are so cute i want more

  6. Johneta

    Can I please review your squishies on my YouTube channel.

  7. Cheryn

    So Beautiful Sticker
    My Best kawaii Sticker that i ever see in Line

  8. Cheryn

    My Best kawaii Sticker that i ever see in Line

  9. adelyn wong


  10. Tarvy

    These stickers are amazing and so cute!

  11. Maddie

    Hope I can review ❤️

  12. Maddie

    Hope I can review ?

  13. Rihanatagaloa


  14. Rihanatagaloa


  15. lexigasparini2130


  16. jocelyn


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