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There are many ways you can become a creamiicandy promoter and receive freebies every time you successfully promote our website !

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Add this to your cart so we can send you a unique promoter code.

How it works:
❤Quote your promoter code to your subscribers/friends etc and they will get a 10% discount when they purchase from our website (excludes sale items)
❤Every time your promoter code gets used, you will receive spending credit equal to 3% of the total order ~ for example, you create youtube videos, tell your friends, post on instagram, facebook etc. and 20 people use your promoter code and spend a total of $1000 altogether, you will get $30 (3% of $1000) to spend for FREE !
❤You will need to email us with your promoter code so we activate it~

51 reviews for Promoter Freebies

  1. Harman

    Hey CreamiiCandy, I hade a question about the promoter code. So all you have to do is add it to your cart and you will send the code right?

  2. Amada

    This is awesome u have alot of cute things here and even freebies ok im so recomending this to a freind

  3. Ashantia

    i really like that you guys have a lot of stuff to choose from mind sending me a package to review on instagram

  4. Jasmine h

    Omg!your store is awesome they have so many cute things and so many good reviews!I also have heard that you are very nice ^-^ so am i! I really hope you don’t mind that u can send me a package to do a review on on youtube cause right now my channel is dead. 🙂 it does not have to be big just a small one with common squishys.Thank you so much and goodo luck with your store! Bye bye ^-^

  5. Jasmine h

    Typo srry “good” is what I meant not goodo ^-^

  6. rellagrellagirl (verified owner)

    Do you send the code in the mail?

  7. cocoamochella

    I want to ask how do I get my promoter code???

  8. Val

    How do you get your promo code?

  9. nikkihu77 (verified owner)

    I love how you were super nice to promote freebies and send us codes for free. Although it take a long time to ship its still worth it. I mean who doesnt want free stuf right? Creamiicandy I think you like in Australia so I think thats why it take a long time to ship also is you payment metods only for paypal and creditcards?

  10. Ava

    So, to be a promoter, you add this to your cart, then what?

  11. Miranda (verified owner)

    I just ordered mine the 26th of March and I am waiting. The people subscribed to me on Youtube are going to be so happy to see this video when it’s uploaded!

  12. Fiona (verified owner)

    Wait do I actually have to go through the shipping stuff coz I did but it said that shipping is free so it costed nothing. And creamiicandy candy if your reading this can u email me and activate it

  13. Ashley

    I added this to my cart! I love squishies! I am planning to buy a package today and me and my friend are going to make a channel and we are going to start our first video with some squishies! I can’t wait!

  14. harman Leader

    Hey CreamiiCandy, I would love to do a review for your shop on my Youtube channel please contact me whenever you have time!

  15. pandabyheart

    Hello creamii candy I would and will love to promote you on my YouTube channel @qtpaola

  16. Isabella knox


  17. shamnur04

    omg I love this shop so much

  18. Phoebe

    Hey Creamiicandy! I have 2 questions do we have to pay for the shipping if it’s outside Australia?? And how do we get the code to promote

  19. Phoebe

    I have 2 questions how do we get the codes and do we have to pay for the shipping if of its outside of Australia??

  20. Kawaii Kraze

    Love it ? I will do a review on my YouTube channel if you would like ? I give true and honest reviews

  21. Jennifer

    This website is awesome they have so many squishies for a great price I’m showing all my friends and other people this site

  22. Jennifer

    I would love to do a review since I never have money to buy squishies maybe you guys can send me some

  23. Samantha?

    Omg this store has so many amazing and fun to squish squishies!!?

  24. Ethel Davic

    so how do we get the code?

  25. Chloe

    Hey CreamiiCandy
    I’m a small youtuber that wants too review your website because Ive heard that you’re website is the best squishy website to order from and I agree i want to get the review package to promote you because you seem to be a great squishy seller. ??

  26. potato

    Omg this is such cute items for a good price i love your squishies SOoooooo muchhhh!!!!

  27. Dominique

    So once I add it to my cart, do I automatically get the promoter code?

  28. Melody

    Squishy package review

  29. Chelsey (verified owner)

    I have ordered this however I am out of the UK . Will I have to pay anything? Hope To hear from you soon

  30. Mira

    Hi creamiicandy! I wanted to promote u guys on my account so I was wondering if u could send my a small package to promote at my channel and school? Thx plz contact me

  31. Taylortorr (verified owner)

    hey can i have like a small box of 2-3 squishes to review on my channel i am a very small channel but i am working on it

  32. Elizabeth

    hey can i have like a small box of 2-3 squishes to review on my channel

  33. Elizabeth

    i love your squashes can i promote you!

  34. Annissa

    hi um.. i have a question how do we get the codes

  35. gabriellagaw

    Hey CreamiiCandy I would love to do a review on your website, if you are interested direct message me on Beauty.Squishy_x ok Instagram and i have a YouTube account and i will post my review on there. I will promote your account on both social networking sites.

  36. Taylor

    how do you promote the website?

  37. amberhuster1

    I love your squishy and I would love to promote you please.

  38. amberhuster1

    Can I have a box of squishys to promote you. My friends would LOVE these

  39. cindy_kennedy (verified owner)

    were do you get the code????

  40. cindy_kennedy (verified owner)

    were do you get the promo code????

  41. unicorn

    I really want to get this because I have a hard time saving my money. Can you please send me a squishy package to review on Instagram? I don’t care the size…. It can be tiny too.

  42. Elif

    Hello creamiicandy im gonna order 6 things from u and put it on my youtube channel if u like to u can put some review things in it?

  43. simeples (verified owner)

    Hi creamiicandy, I have a upcoming YouTube channel and i was wondering if you could send me a review package?

  44. Breanna (verified owner)

    So wait is this supposed to be a gift card or what

  45. Sienna (verified owner)

    What do you get if you do this?

  46. Denyia (verified owner)

    Can you give me a review package to review on my YouTube channel I will put the website link in the description

  47. Denyia (verified owner)

    Can I have a squishy review package for my Instagram

  48. Nadia

    I love how kind you are I hope to be promoting creamii candy one day on my channel I know my channel is dead but maybe in the future. Ho to review one day?

  49. Kim Ngân

    Hi Creamiicandy I want to have Promoter Freebies card in Vietnam do not know how order you can only

  50. Jspott6927

    i am going to be a youtuber, may you send boxes for me to review? i will also be trying my very best to promote your website!! <3

  51. Sarah

    I was wondering if I could get squishy review packages. I would like to build my YouTube channel off of squishies and slime. Thank you! Feel free to email me.

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