*reproduced ULTRA squishy slow* Puni Maru Jumbo Choc Strawberry *DOUBLE scented*

SUPER Jumbo Sized chocolate dipped strawberries are now available at creamiicandy.com ~ Super squishy and DOUBLE scented! These are so soft and smell so delicious. They even come with a SUPER Jumbo Tag and phone dust pluggie. Can you spot Cheeki the little monkey?

Licensed by Puni Maru, super high quality squishy- must have for any collector!

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


strawberry au chocolate

strawberry frost

strawberry kisses

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 11 cm

Strawberry Kisses(1), Strawberry Frost(2), Strawberry au Chocolate(3), ALL THREE!

9 reviews for *reproduced ULTRA squishy slow* Puni Maru Jumbo Choc Strawberry *DOUBLE scented*

  1. Tarmika Kopriva

    It’s amazing I love it so much I have the strawberry kiss one and it smells so good and so is the rising it’s huge

  2. Tarmika Kopriva

    It is amazing I have the strawberry kiss it smells so good

  3. Ariana

    Amazing squishiness and slowrisingness definitely recommend 5++++ stars!

  4. NOOF200677

    ogggg my gawd this so so f’n amazing

  5. Hannah

    I am actually going to buy strawberry kisses next Thursday soon. So excited! Been saving up 😀
    Pretty late lol

  6. belle1

    All i can say is in speechless.. It is fabulous. I got the Strawberry frost a while ago and it has no defects. I am also amazed how super slow rising they are. Great combinations of the chocolate and strawberry smells.

    ñïçê wørk CreamiiCandy

  7. geenaho (verified owner)

    I got the strawberry kiss it is so squishy and smells like strawberry candy I love this squishy????

  8. kaylah.sandars (verified owner)

    Oh and I forgot to mention how good it smells! The top part has a definite strawberry smell and the bottom part has a nice chocolate smell. Great combination 🙂

  9. kaylah.sandars (verified owner)

    I purchased the Strawberry au Chocolate one and it’s awesome, I honestly cannot believe how squishy and slow-rising it is!

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