New mini Ibloom bread doll angel squishy

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Bread doll squishies are now in Angel versions!
Wings at the back and there's also a new character called berry!
All scented and comes in packaging. Licensed by ibloom .

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Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 12 cm
Bread doll

Milky white, Chocolate brown, Berry pink, all three!

1 review for New mini Ibloom bread doll angel squishy

  1. michelenicollelee

    I own all of the minis now and the full size Brownie. Unfortunately, I am only giving 4 stars because I don’t like the smell of Brownie, I am not sure what it is supposed to smell like but it kind of just smells toxic and a little burnt. Otherwise, the other two smell very good (sugary like cake and buttery like bread) and they are all very soft and slow rising. I love the look of these squishies, so very cute. I only wish that I liked the smell of Brownie.

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