Ibloom Little Penguins super squishies ~ scented like bubblegum

Ibloom penguins are so adorable, meet Soda and Pinku, the cutest little penguin couples! they smell like bubblegum

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 10 cm

Blue excited, Blue Smiley, Pink Happy, Pink Wink, ALL FOUR!

10 reviews for Ibloom Little Penguins super squishies ~ scented like bubblegum

  1. ……

    Can you put the picture of the packaging? : )

  2. Shania

    I would like a squishy pease

  3. hunter (verified owner)

    super squishy and cute. totally worth it

  4. hunter (verified owner)

    super cute and squishy

  5. laura (verified owner)

    I purchased “Sora OMG” and LOVE this squishy!

    He’s so soft to the touch, almost taffy-like, the scent is amazing as well! Being super slwo rising, and a bit sticky, I am a little worried about tears, especially to the paint job. But just squishing and letting him naturally rise, there have been no problems. I wouldn’t pull this squishy back after smooshing though, I feel like it would be very easy for his paint to stick together and tear holes.

    With how squishy he was, his beak was smooshed upon arrival from the package, and it’s never really recovered. It had pretty deep creases that continue to be visible when I look close at him, but its not so bad. It hasn’t turned me off ordering Happy to go with him!

  6. Vanessa & Izabella

    This squishy is the best! I can not stop squishing it! It is like a typical ibloom squishy but… like 5 times softer and squishier! I totally recommend this squishy to anyone who loves different feeling squishies! Have a nice day little penguins!

  7. stepanie

    so graet I bought this for my sister for her 11th bday she loves it and I bouth the bday cake too

  8. Hany adi salwa

    Iblom little penguins

  9. unicorndiy0913 (verified owner)

    I ordered all four yesterday, but then today when i look at what i ordered, they took Sora out because they said it was out of stock. I wish they told me before, so i could order something else. So now i’m only getting 3 of them. :[

  10. unicorndiy0913 (verified owner)

    I still really love the squishy!

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