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Free Creamiicandy Yummiibear Tag (squishy orders over $10)


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Have you own licensed Creamiicandy X Yummiibear Tag to hang onto any of your squishies !
One per order over $10.
Please note you might get a different design to the one in the picture

Out of stock

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Weight 10 g

8 reviews for Free Creamiicandy Yummiibear Tag (squishy orders over $10)

  1. Samantha

    Is it ok to get 3 of these? XD

  2. Janille Adlin M. Hermo

    I would love to have some tags Please approve my review

  3. Corey

    awesomeeeee, now i can use these for how made squishys c:

  4. Grace


  5. Sophia

    young ones yes you can get three

  6. turtleproductions145

    i love you

  7. Holly (verified owner)

    I have asked for one of these tags for every previous order (all over $10 of course) and have never received one. They do not really include them in orders. At least in my experience.

  8. Mary (verified owner)

    I never got mine.

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