We get back to all enquiries within two business days UNLESS the answer is already here (see below contact form) in which case it will be faster for you to read them ^^


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Do you wholesale? Do you supply?
Yes we sure do. Please go to this link

Where is my order?
– please check your email and junk mail to see when it was shipped
– shipping takes 2-4 weeks (outside of Australia)
– has it been longer than 5 weeks? Have you checked your local post office? (they have been times where the post slip is misplaced or not placed)
– have you ordered a pre order item that’s why it’s been longer than 5 weeks?

Where is my tracking? Why does my tracking not work?
– free tracking is only avaliable for orders over 50 usd or Australian orders
– Your order should arrive safely with or without tracking within 2-4 weeks unless there are delays from customs
– the tracking works only when the parcel reaches our Singapore shipping hub. So please wait about a week for it to work

I have problems with my purchase

We always check our products and make sure that they are in usable condition. In the rare event that you receive damaged or defective goods, you must notify us within 3 days after you receive the item. You may then fill out a form and email it to creamiicandy@gmail.com with the following:
Order ID:
Name of defect items (full name):
Purchaser name:
Photos/Video and description of Defects:

After we receive your email we will look at the photos and decide on a reasonable compensation . We reserve the discretion to give a coupon, refund some monies, offer to send you those goods again in your next order, or ask you to mail it back to us within 3 days and we will give you full refund including shipping fees.

Our shipping address returns is: PO BOX 42, BURWOOD, NSW 2137, AUSTRALIA
Please include your order number when shipping back to us.

***Note: We perform checks on our products to make sure only acceptable ones are shipped to you. However, due to the nature of polyurethane items, they may have minor defects consisting of bubbles or small holes, tiny cracks and little specks of dirt. This is something that we cannot control as the products are manufactured in a certain process and these minor defects will not be enough to warrant as defective / damaged.
We do not compensate for goods made damaged or defected under customer use, nor compensate for minor defects including and not limited to product package small defects (as long as good originally inside package is fine )small bubble holes, tiny cracks and little specks of dirt. Issues that do not affect the reasonable use and enjoyment of the good and were sent to our valued customers the way we received them from the manufacturer will not be warranted as defects/ damaged goods hence not subject to compensation.


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